RGHS Update

October 19, 2008

Not much new on the RGHS front these days. We all have been extremely busy as both Jess and I go to school and work which makes for some very hectic schedules. If you’re at all interested in what I am studing check out my New Media blog Here. I am studying Graphic Media (I’m a printer) at Rochester Institute of Technology and I have posted some project I’ve done for the class and some general discussion on new media topics.

Back to ghost hunting, we are planning a trip to Boston mid November and plan on making a visit to the Bunker Hill battlefield and hopefully the USS Constitution to see if we can do a little EVP work. There’s also a WW2 ship at the Charlestown Navy Yard and hopefully we can get on there as well. I don’t know how late in the season the ships allow visitors on though so I’m not sure we will get the opportunity. The good news is there should be fewer tourists so less interference. It will be our first real attempt at doing an evp session outdoors in a large city so I am not sure if we’ll get any results but it can’t hurt to try. I’ve spent a lot of time in Boston while in the military and I know there are quite a few historic places that would be great to investigate but being such a large busy city I don’t think they a feasible. If we have any luck at the Bunker Hill site maybe we’ll try a local cemetery though.

Anyone who has done some ghost hunting in the Boston area let us know. Anywhere we should check out, what evidence was caught, that sort of thing. We’ll keep you posted on the results and post any evidence we get.



RGHS T-Shirts Now Available!

September 1, 2008

We now have t-shirts available. All proceeds benefit the group and will be used to fund future investigations at the Valentown Museum as well as a return trip to Rolling Hills.

Tahawus, NY

August 28, 2008

First we want to apologize for not updating for a while but we have good reason. All of the members go to school and/or work full time and getting time to post is few and far between.

The good news is on our trip to Tahawus we have the best EVP we’ve ever gotten. It’s long at first but we wanted to show you Brady and Jess’ voices so that you can see it wasn’t them in the recording. You’ll here some mumbling by Jess and Brady responding. After that you’ll here a whisper, which will loop two times after, each time getting progressively louder.

As a side note we made sure to document when there were people going by us when we were recording and the first people to pass were about 8 minutes later into the recording.

It is Brady’s understanding that the entity is saying “Heed this warning.” If you hear something different please feel free to e-mail us or comment! The same rules apply, scroll your mouse over the image to hear the recording, to play it again click the picture.


-Brady & Jess

So bright and early Saturday morning Jess and I are off the the Adirondack Mountains for a whole week of well deserved R&R. Aside from all the fishing and canoeing we have planned on our get away, we are planning a trip to Tahawus, (AKA Adirondak) NY for a little ghost hunting expedition.

Adirondak was founded in 1826 when Iron Ore deposits where discovered at the site. Iron mining was very active between 1827 and 1857. Due to Titanium Dioxide deposits in the ore the equipment of the period had an extremely tough time processing the ore so the mine was closed and the town was abandoned.

The town was reestablished about a mile south of the original site by National Lead Industries in 1943 and the miners began to call the town Tahawus. The mine and the town grew to include 84 buildings, including some from the original town. Titanium continued to be extracted from the mine until it closed and was abandoned in 1989.

Many buildings still remain from both the original town and mine as well as the later town and mine including the original blast furnace built in 1854. I haven’t heard any stories of paranormal activity from this old ghost town however we do plan a little investigating. With all the tragedy that surrounds old mines, and sometime even mines today, we expect to have a very fruitful investigation and bring back some good evidence from the site.

Check back in a week or so to see what we caught.

Rolling Hills: The EVP

July 26, 2008

As promised we have our EVPs from our Rolling Hills visit. The only editing we have done is shortening the wav file so as to not exceed our storage capacity and amplifying the section. All clips will repeat 4 times, to open click the link (which opens adobe acrobat) and put your mouse cursor over the wav form, to replay just click the wav.

If you hear something different or disagree completely feel free to e-mail us at RochesterGHS@gmail.com or leave a comment below.

The first:
Just Kids

What it sounds like to us is there is a very low man’s voice saying “Are you scared?” and then a woman’s voice that responds, “They’re just kids, they’re just kids.”

The second:

Right There

In this one we hear a mans whisper saying “Right there, this is where…” then you hear brady cut in with “I still don’t see.”

And the last:

Sarah Look

In this clip you can hear our foot steps walking but then you hear a mans voice whisper “Sarah, look.”

As a final word we want to assure you that we made an effort not to be around anyone else so as not to contaminate our audio. Again, feel free to comment or e-mail us!

-Jess and Brady

Rolling Hills Part 1

July 23, 2008


We arrived at Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center on May 16th of this year. For those of you who don’t know much about Rolling Hills, check out the links below.

Many ghost hunters do have times where they have personal experiences but are unable to catch these on EVP, pictures, or videos. Neither of us had a personal experience (except being a bit freaked out), but we did get some solid physical evidence. So without further ado; here are the best pictures we have:

This one was taken in the basement boiler room; there are orbs in the doorway and towards the top of the picture:

Staying with the basement, this picture comes from one of the many hallways. We were told when we come up the hallway to make sure we turn around and snap a picture to see if any apparition or orbs had followed us (apparently they have a tendency to do so):

The following picture was taken on the first floor. You can easily see orbs floating in the doorway:

These next two were taken on the second floor (aka the infirmary). The story around this area is that there was a man who had purchased the building and was planning on turning it into a retirement home. He had built himself and area to live in where the hallways met so as to work all week and not have to leave the building. Normally this man would come home and visit with his family on weekends but one weekend he didn’t come home. His family went to seach for him and found that he had died in that spot. These pictures were taken where those hallways meet. Several orbs come from the ground up:

Finally the coupe de grace. Brady took this picture while on the third floor using his Cannon Rebel 2000 EOS. If you look in the middle windows of the door you can see a child’s face:

Next we’ll be posting our even more creepy (and exciting) EVPS! keep tuned!

-Jess and Brady

Welcome from the RGHS

July 23, 2008

Welcome to the Rochester Ghost Hunters Society.  We’re a small but active ghost hunting group from Rochester, New York.  Founded September, 2006 we have been investigating known haunted sites throughout western and central New York.  From sites such as the former asylum at the Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Center in Bethany, NY to Split Rock Quarry just outside Syracuse we have accumulated a wealth of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings, photographs and video featuring some very active paranormal activity.  Check back soon for some very compelling evidence of the paranormal.  Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.

Brady and Jess